Tina Rains and David Rivas | God used Brain Nutrition to transform my Autistic Son

I'm David Rivas, and I wanted to share my personal journey with you. A few years ago, my son was diagnosed with severe autism, which initially left my wife and me devastated. He faced challenges such as sensitivity to sounds, aggression, and even biting others. As a pharmacist, I tried to help my son with medications unsuccessfully. However, instead of allowing bitterness to consume us, we decided to take action and become part of the solution.
Motivated by the desire to help our son, I immersed myself in learning about nutrition and its impact on brain health. I went back to school to study nutrition, devoted countless hours to research, and began implementing healthy nutritional practices for my son. The results were astounding - he showed remarkable improvement. His grades soared in school, and he even started participating in sports. It was a dream come true when I could finally play basketball with my son, but now, he surpasses expectations and I proudly coach him.
This transformative experience ignited a passion in me to share our story of hope with other families facing similar challenges, whether it be autism or other brain diseases like dementia. Additionally, I want to support individuals who are struggling with brain fog and lack of concentration. My wife and I are committed to embarking on this incredible journey of spreading awareness and providing hope to those seeking solutions for brain health.
Through my Brain Health Coaching Program, I aim to educate and empower individuals to improve their brain performance so they can achieve more in life. By combining my knowledge of nutrition, medication therapy management, personal growth, and leadership, I aspire to create a successful experience that offers a ray of hope to families affected by autism and other brain-related conditions.
Together, let's unlock the power within and enhance our brain experiences. Join me on this mission towards a better, brighter future!

David Rivas is a parent who removed many barriers to his son’s autism using nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes.  He is a pharmacist with more than twenty years of experience and has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland.  He was trained by Dr. Daniel Amen and is a certified Brain Health Trainer from Amen University.  Also, he is certified as a John Maxwell Certified Trainer.  He lectured a nutrition course to students at LUMSA University in Italy and is the author of Resilient Brain.

David is married to Jessica and lives in Florida with his son David Jonathan and his daughter Daviana.  He coaches basketball in Special Olympics and loves biking with all his family.

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