Authenticity | Host: Tina Rains


Welcome back Masterpiece Women. Today's topic is authenticity. Authenticity is a key component to building great relationships. Authenticity shows your integrity, builds trust, demonstrates ethics, aligns values, creates conversation, contributes to others supporting each other, develops your self-awareness, challenges you and others, and shows the depth of your integrity. Your story is valuable. A leader's transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity are key components of building any organization.

Tina Rains is an RN and the founder/leader of the Masterpiece Women movement. she shares how authenticity and vulnerability related to her childhood abuse and poverty created an opportunity for her to serve and help thousands of women around the world. Our story gives permission to others to share their stories. Many of us do not share our stories and we keep them inside. First and foremost, if your past is painful, Tina encourages you to find a community of women who will help you through the healing process. It may take counseling or mental health therapy to get past it. Do whatever it is that is necessary for you to overcome it. One of the greatest things about authenticity is how self-aware you become. When we are self-aware, we can add great value to others and avoid reacting due to triggers.
Tina shares many examples of how authenticity played a role in the other organizations she led.

What is your story? How can you share it? Who in your organization needs to hear your story? Others grow from our mistakes, failures, and vulnerabilities. Build your organization or online business today with a spirit of authenticity and vulnerability. God did not allow you to walk through what you have walked through in vain.

Tina's Bio:

Tina is an Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker. Tina has a passion for empowering others to build business and ministry in God's way. She uses her ministry and business leadership skills as well as her coaching experience to teach others about leadership and living a life of purpose and passion. Tina is the former CEO of Ascend Staffing Solutions. She started her first office in her garage in 1995. She has built multiple businesses from start-ups to multi-million dollar a year businesses in multiple locations.

Tina is a passionate advocate for women and children trapped in human trafficking and abuse. For 6 years she led an international movement of women raising funds and awareness for voiceless women and children trapped in modern-day slavery. She and hundreds of women climbed multiple mountains across the globe such as Mt. Kilimanjaro twice, Mt. Kalapathar (just above Base Camp Everest), the Alps, Mt. Kinabalu, and a dozen over 14,000-foot summits in CO to name a few to raise funds and awareness. She uses many of the lessons learned on those mountains to inspire groups and educate leaders.

Tina is very involved in transforming her local community & the world. She has held board member and leadership roles in several organizations in South Florida, such as Lifework Leadership, 4Kids of South Florida, Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County, and the American Heart Association. She has received awards such as the Philanthropic Award – Women of Excellence Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce,100 Outstanding Women in Broward County, Healthy Mother’s Healthy Babies, Mother of the Year, and South Florida Business Journal’s Entrepreneur of the Year. She has also volunteered internationally for Mission of Hope & other organizations.

Tina is known for helping to create "Rainmakers". If you want to build a business or ministry and help your team be world-famous, schedule a call today!

Tina's greatest joy is in sharing her life with her husband Monty, their seven children, and seven grandbabies. She loves being Mimi.

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