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Uncategorized Feb 25, 2023

Dena Patton, A transformational speaker. Since 2001 Dena has coached thousands of world-changing entrepreneurs and leaders to build their businesses to new levels of impact and income. In the sea of business, coaches don’t get caught up with the inauthentic, inexperienced, or over-hyped coaches.

Dena learned to take care of herself after a minor stroke at age 27. She calls it a blessed interruption. She explains, it was a rough moment, and re-evaluated her life personally and in business.

Dena states, it's essential to hire a coach to help us reassess life and self-care. It is an intentional mindset. CEO Self-care is the fuel we need to be the business owners and the leaders we need to be for clients. You have to remember the ROI in self-care. In order to grow and be able to run your business effectively self-care is essential. Success is scheduled! Don’t break success with yourself, this helps build trust.

Tips Dena Shares, from entrepreneur to CEO, a natural progression. Somewhere along the lines, we become the CEO. Entrepreneurs have a hustle mindset, always working. Delegation is one of the first things CEOs start to master.

Dena’s toolbox, in her book, The greatness game, talks about mindset and master mindset. Shifting your mind gives you permission to build your business.

Come out of agreement with narratives that don't serve you or your business. Get into the community and change your negative narrative.

Remember you are a Masterpiece!

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