Dr. Andrea Hazim and Tina Rains | Relationship DNA: Embrace your differences


Dr. Andrea Hazim is an author, Trainer, Educator, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Mom of 3 sons, and Wife. Above all, she is the daughter of the highest King.  

The journey of being a Masterpiece Woman can often be emotionally challenging, making our relationships vulnerable. In this Podcast episode, we discuss WHY “Relationships DNA” Our guest, Dr. Andrea Hazim, unpacks tools to help us grow from judging to acceptance while sharing how her relationships were revolutionized by learning tools such as emotional stages of development, personality temperaments, and more.

For over two decades, Andrea has leveraged her vast experience in the fields of personal development and education to reverse the Common culture's trending decline in social, emotional, and spiritual wellness. In 2015 Andrea launched the Elev8Life educational foundation in order to equip and inspire others through experiential learning programs. Dr. Andrea has various teaching resources, hosts Elev8Life Nights for adult and family enrichment, and trains young adults through initiatives of the #TLTMovement such as the annual Tomorrow's Leaders Today Conference.

Today's topic is about relationships exclusively, the importance of relationships, and understanding others better. Dr. Hazim has been running Elevate Life Education Foundation since 2015 after seeing a need that she didn't have growing up and wants to be able to meet that need for all generations. Dr. Hazim has monthly events called Elevate Life Nights. Her calling is to train young people with tools for better relationships with parents and others.

There is a big disconnect, especially between generations. If people take the time and use the tools it will make a big difference. What you resist persists!  Some tools you learn about people’s DNA are Speed, Task, and a people person.

One of the tools, The appreciation tree goes from Judging, Knowing, Understanding, Respecting, Accepting, And Appreciating. If we accept that we are different from others and love them as they are. If we are connected to the Vine we will show the fruit of love to others. Your uniqueness compliments me.   We should always ask for forgiveness. So often in relationships pride sets in and we don’t stop to listen to God. We can repair the damage with our children.

Dr. Hazim wants you to know your voice matters.  One last piece of advice, to build great relationships is The DNA relationship is about exploring the emotions that come up and beneath that. There are triggers for the behavior. What is truly behind the behavior, usually is fear. There is a symptoms and a cause. This is a great tool to help identify the core fears in your life.

You can join Dr. Hazim's event through zoom as well. 

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