Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Host: Tina Rains


Comfort Zone

If we settle for our Comfort Zone, it means all that we are today is all that we are ever going to be!
There are two Comfort Zone Foundations: Habit and Belief
• Habit actions that express themselves without any Conscious awareness
• Non-Adaptive
• IQ of 0- they do what they are programmed to do
• 80%-90% of our daily actions are habitual we don’t think about what we do!
• Stored in Subconscious mind-like habits
• Based upon our evaluation of things
• Self-Limiting belief- One that holds us back from moving in the direction that we want
• Results of a learning process-not necessarily a true reflection of reality
• Formed through repetition & Emotion – the more emotion the more powerful the belief
• The CREATOR of our reality – our adopted beliefs become true for us

Growth happens Outside the Comfort Zone. Growth comes with struggles, confusion, pain, and fear. Growth is good. We need to be uncomfortable and self-examine ourselves more often.
“Most people tend to order their steaks medium and live their lives the same way!” Earl Nightingale
There is good news! Our results are not a reflection of our potential or an indication of what we can achieve. They are just the unemotional, unattached manifestation of all that we say we know, yet don’t really know! They are the child of our best thinking from yesterday.

There is a process for change: Decision, Commitment, Goal and reason, Obstacles, Terror Barrier Strategy, Persistence, Attitude Shift Paradigms:
• Accumulation of our habits, beliefs, and ways of thinking
• Product of our environment
• We are not responsible for acquiring the paradigm, but we are responsible for changing it.

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