How to Create Online Courses | Hosts: Sophie Higgins and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women welcomes Sophie Higgins! 

Her passion is to teach, and her purpose is to improve learning outcomes which drove her to create her own online content creator business to help women make money online. The target audience are Coaches, Consultants, Wellness experts, and anyone who is an expert in their field and needs clarity with their online course, course vs membership, and membership site ideas, etc. The Combination of Audio, Visual, and Text are all used to learn depending on their preferred medium. She will share the 4 phases you should do to create a meaningful and profitable online course, which include:
1. Idea Clarification
2. Content Creation
3. Learning Management System
4. Launch

Sophie also shares information about SEO, The Learning Pit, an inexpensive Smart Software to help with social media postings, and the #1 tip for all women. In addition to the tip, she added, a helpful way to avoid pitfalls for women starting their online business is to be patient with yourself and the process. Being Consistent and patient with yourself while building your reputation is key to success.

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