Laura Croce and Tina Rains | Why is Having Multiple Streams of Income Key to Success?


Laura Croce, a Speaker, Author, Coach, and Lender. She has been in the Real Estate Investment arena for 38 years. Laura started in her early 20s to get into the Real Estate arena. After much research, she decided to start with rentals. As she got more familiar with the field, she bought properties and took limited financing terms to pay down the mortgage in a shorter term. Through time she made bigger investments and now she is a lender.

As a Business Coach herself, She recognizes that having a coach helped her to acquire growth and wealth quickly. She learned a big lesson to seek advice from someone smarter than her.
As a great leader, you should surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. Having a Mentor and a Coach is an investment but so valuable!

Her favorite part of Coaching is seeing the breakthroughs in her clients. Once her clients recognize they are unstoppable. It's life-changing!
In order to manage multiple streams of income, it is really important to pick an area where you want to be an expert and delegate everything else. Laura recommended staying in your lane. Knowing your gifts and talents helps define your strengths and weaknesses.

In this economy what is your advice?
There is always opportunity and it is essential to educate yourself. Just knowing what to do and brainstorming with a coach. There are many ways to make multiple incomes.

The more knowledge you acquire the more confident you are. Laura works with a mindset and people working with her will get her expertise to level up.

It's about impacting the world for good. Keeping our eyes on the big picture.

What are the main keys to look for in Real Estate?
There will be a shift coming up in Real Estate. Be prepared to take opportunities coming soon.

Remember you are a Masterpiece!

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