Mindset is Key to Success | Hosts: Alicia Cramer and Tina Rains


Alicia Cramer – Change your Mind – Change your Life

Recognized Internationally as a Business Mindset Expert

You can recondition your mind regardless of your age. Alicia grew up on a Dairy Farm in Central Wisconsin. Her parents worked 7 days a week. She did not have an empowering upbringing, she grew up in a home with anger, negativity, and alcohol. One thing that resonated with her was how her mom valued being her own boss.

Alicia at age 18 started a network marketing and failed then moved at age 20 to California and started an internet storefront. But realized she didn’t have the right mindset. She ended up filing bankruptcy, but the dream did not die.

Alicia experienced a very traumatic and painful event in her life that transformed her and led her to be who she is today. Through this transformational journey, she discovered that we humans have specific behaviors and patterns that need to change. There are 2 things she discusses regarding subconscious mind conditioning.
1. Repetition
2. Intense Emotion

As a leader, Alicia reminds us that we all have intentions, an inner calling to voice. Many times, the mind
is not playing on the same team. Getting out of our comfort zone is freeing. You are not doing this for you, you are of service. You are a gift. Be the light!

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