Overcoming Adversity with Michele Nadeem Baker


Today's Podcast and video features former International Corporate Executive Michele Nadeem Baker. In today's podcast you will hear how Michele went from a dream position as an international leader in communications for all of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to becoming a voice and an incredible support system to women diagnosed with cancer.

You can imagine the effect a cancer diagnosis had on Michele. Michele found herself deflated,, scared, and overwhelmed. Her identity was caught up in her career. Often, we fall into that trap. Michele shares how she has and is dealing with the greatest adversity of her life. She has turned her diagnosis of cancer into an opportunity to serve other women all over the world that have the diagnosis of cancer.

She shares practical tips to dealing with the questions “Now What?’. When Michele was diagnosed, she had no idea what she would do next. She had to dig deep and seek help. She gives excellent advice to other women struggling with any difficult situation:

First, you must figure out your passion and your purpose. Your purpose helps gives you power. It doesn't happen overnight. It may take longer than you anticipate, however give yourself grace. You may fail the first time, that is ok. You try something else. Her number one recommendation is to listen to God.  He will guide you. Her second is to find a community and coaching to help you such as Masterpiece Women. She suggests that you dig deep and ask yourself the right questions. She shares how masterpiece women programs and community were key to her unlocking her purpose and passions. The community and coaching were transformational in her life. The women in the group challenged her to ask herself the tough questions and to give her the support and accountability she needed as she grew and changed her mind set with the content.

You must change your thinking. You must go from victim to victory. Listen as she shares how she was able to overcome fear, get out of her comfort zone and break through the roadblocks.

She shares how she is now using all her gifts and talents to help other women to thrive in the midst of the battle against cancer. She is kicking cancer in heels. Watch the video or listen to the podcast to hear more great advice and practical tips to apply to your life when you are facing adversity.

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 Meet Michele Nadeem-Baker
2021 WEGO Health Patient Leader Collaborator of the Year
Social Media: 24,000+you
Facebook Live Reports and Online Video Programs totaling over 250,000 views
Press: STAT, USA Today, Bloomberg, PharmaVoice, Fierce Pharma, Healthline, Health Monitor, Patient Power, Bloomberg Radio, Patient Empowerment Network, BBC, PR Week, The Mighty, WCVB-TV

Michele Nadeem-Baker has worked nationally as a broadcast journalist and globally as the Global Chief Communications Officer for well-known, publicly traded multi-billion-dollar corporations such as DHL and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Her chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) diagnosis changed her life but did not stop her. Launching her Patient Influencer work with the leading online patient cancer site, Patient Power, known for its credible, unmatched information, she originally joined the team as PR advisor, became and continues as the CLL Reporter, Patient Influencer and Cancer Program Host. Driven to demystify the cancer patient experience for others, Michele started live video reports her first day of chemotherapy from the infusion chair.

She offers a unique mix of experience and skills of broadcast journalism and an extensive background in communication strategies that encompass, among other ventures, various global and national health-related concerns where she has successfully taken a leading role. Michele has extensively represented the American Cancer Society and worked with organizations on medical conditions including various cancers and cardiovascular health—and now draws on her combined expertise to represent the patients’ voice through collaborations and to the media, public and patients. By calling upon her reporting background she helps others effectively navigate the world of treatments, education and coping skills and become a known Blood Cancer Influencer and Reporter. Her video reports and program hosting are viewed on PatientPower.info and @ConnectOnCLL. Her past journalism experience includes ABC (network), Boston’s NBC and CBS TV news stations.

Michele is a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute patient national spokesperson, FDA Patient Representative, has authored several published articles as a Patient Influencer, as well as on global communications topics, is a frequent national conference keynote speaker and a Boston Globe Magazine contributor. Michele is co-administrator of the largest social media CLL support group, lead moderator for AnCan's international Blood Cancer virtual support group and serves on the Advisory Boards at: Remedy Health Media - Patient Power, WEGO-Health Union and Janssen Oncology HealtheVoices.

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