Passion, Purpose, and Calling Collide | Hosts: Kimberly Hobbs and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women welcomes Kimberly Hobbs!   

Kimberly Hobbs is passionate about encouraging and empowering women to follow after Jesus and that’s how her ministry “Women World leaders” started. It started as a bible study of a small group of women with 13 members and God blessed it and grew and grew.

Kimberly shared her defining moment when God showed her the verse Ephesians 3:20 which made her write a book and start a ministry and a business simultaneously together. She says that if you are a believer you have that power that works within you allowing you to do exceedingly, abundantly, and more than anything we can imagine and that is what God does for us. It’s amazing how we have that one idea and then God makes it a whole complete package.   

“Have Integrity”, is the best advice Kimberly Hobbs received. Not only in her ministry and her daily walk with Jesus but also in carrying a business. Because people outside who don’t know us or who don’t know Jesus Christ are watching our life. They are watching what we do and they are listening to what comes out of our mouths. Are we backing out of what are we saying to them? It is always important to follow through with what we are preaching whether it comes to time, business, ministry, and everything we do. As God is faithful to us and His promises are true we also got to have the integrity to follow through all of what we promised to other people.  

Kimberly Hobbs shares that her greatest mistake in business is having to over compromise. She wasn’t bold enough to stand for what is right even though she knows that the other person is doing completely wrong. She compromised in order to keep those people in her ministry or in her business, but she would then feel sick to her stomach. She learned to overcome that mistake. She advised masterpiece women to stand strong on their convictions, to be bold enough to stand for what is right, and correct the person who is clearly in the wrong and God will take care of the rest.  

Lastly, her advice to all the ladies out there is to surrender everything to God. Surrender what you are about to do to God. Give Him all the control in whatever you do whether in business, in ministry, or in your life. If you surrender everything to God and God works in it, it will fail because that becomes God’s will.   

As the Founder and Executive Director of Women World Leaders, a worldwide ministry that empowers women to find the purpose which God has just for them, Kimberly Ann Hobbs oversees all elements of the ministry, including Voice of Truth magazine.

Kimberly is the co-CEO of World Publishing and Productions and an international best-selling author, speaker, motivational leader, and life coach. As part of the “Women World Leaders’ Podcast,” Kimberly hosts Empowering Lives with Purpose each week, interviewing beautiful women of various cultures from around the world. She shares written daily devotions for WWL on the private Facebook group and on the WWL website,

Kimberly has been a guest speaker on Moody Bible Radio Stations and made appearances on Daystar Television, sharing her passion for bringing women to a closer walk with Jesus through encouragement. Kimberly is also an artist, with much of her work reaching around the world. She sits on the advisory board of Kerus Global Education, where she helps raise support for South Africa's orphaned children, whom she loves.

Kimberly is married to her husband Ken, and together they serve in missions and multiple ministries and run their own financial coaching business. They have children and grandchildren whom they love very much and a home-life " Tiki Hut Ministry” in South Florida.

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