Persistence Changes Culture - Ginger Martin CEO American National Bank


Today we are very blessed to have as our guest speaker, Ginger Martin, CEO of American National Bank in Oakland Park, FL. She is a pillar in the community, banking industry and a part of the Masterpiece Women Leadership team.  To learn more from Ginger Martin and other Masterpiece Women leaders, follow our Podcast on Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts.

In today's episode, Ginger shares on persistence.  She shares about a time specifically where 14 years ago she took over as CEO and implemented new strategies and daily early morning meetings. She describes the difficulty of change, creating a culture and how powerful it is when you see the fruit of your labor when you are persistent. 

She emphasizes how important it is to be persistent and create a culture that emulates your vision & mission statements as well as the company's values. She shares a few practical habits she has adopted that help her to stay persistent:

1. Seek wisdom from God daily - start each day off in prayer and reading the Bible.    She believes this is key to wisdom, excellence and persistence. "God gets no glory in          mediocrity." 

2. Read daily - read leadership books daily that will keep you focused on growing and learn from other great leaders.

3. Stay connected to a strong community -  She shares how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded leaders that will help you grow, challenge you and encourage you. Ginger says the women of Masterpiece Women have been that community for her along with several other key leaders in the area. Iron sharpens iron.

Be sure you watch the video for more great content from Ginger.

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Wishing you a fabulous year of blessings, persistence and joy,

Tina Rains

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