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Today our topic is Efficiency. It can be something we struggle with! As models to our team, it is imperative that we model it and teach them. Part of it is time management.  

Let's talk about it as a leader. How can you be more efficient? Especially in these tough times. How are you meeting your goals? Even on a weekly basis, have a  set of goals and make a plan of action. Take your day and breakdown, make a plan of action and follow it to achieve your goal and not get distracted. A key factor to doing it is accepting that you don't have to be an expert! 

Make sure you are focused on your goals, purpose, dreams, and your visions. Help your team, know your team to plan what’s important to them, not just your cooperation.

Your team will be more efficient when the family is prioritized. They will complain less and make sure they know we value them. Overturn of people can be expensive. We as leaders work as visionary and communicate well to our team the vision and purpose. Delegate! Delegate! will make your team more efficient!

Make sure you have clear communication. Make sure your team understands your directions. Team members can get very frustrated if the communication is not translated as you meant. Take time to be clear. Your number one priority is to be clear and to be efficient. When you are modeling good management skills you will be more productive and help save money. The 3 key things: Give Clear directions, Manage your time well, Work on your business, not in your business, and Delegate!

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