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What is Strategy? It is a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. It's a process for an individual or a business that defines their vision for the year and future. Create a plan and get there!

Define your vision. Ask God to help you see your vision and go to your favorite happy place to spend time with God. Ask Him to release what is next for you. Make sure He is guiding your steps. 

Make your business plan God’s vision & plan. It will be more valuable. Make sure you are abiding.

It helps to take all the pressure away from you. 

We need to be thinking abundantly. We need to know who we represent. This universe belongs to our King! Don’t stay in your comfort zone. 

Also, think about what you are going to do with the wealth. It is God’s money and we are stewards of it. We are here to glorify God with what He gives us.

Part of the strategy is for us to be strategic in our words, actions, and planning & declare it to be as if they already were. Now is the time. Don't wait!

Specifically, what are we going to plan for 2023?  

Access where are we now? What were the hindrances? And what to do to change it. I have seen many leaders I know that continue to struggle with fear and time management. Determine your priorities for the new year and plan it. Be Intentional with your time and talents.

What are your objectives in your relationships? Define responsibilities for your team and for yourself.

The key way to build business currently is to make an influence on social media. 34 million people just went to TikTok. Ask yourself what responsibilities can be outsourced. Get rid of any task that you don’t need to do. Step into the CEO role!

Measure your results daily and weekly. Plan ahead weekly. To help you free up your time to create. 

What are you doing that is a pattern? Make it more conscious and not Subconscious. 

Position, How will you position yourself in 2023? You want to be seen as an expert. You don't have to know everything to be an expert. 

Perspective is a significant factor with your team and customers. You want to hear what their perspective is about your organization. Solo entrepreneurs should surround themselves with a mastermind of people.  


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