Leaders and Marriages | Hosts: Ann Visser and Tina Rains


Leaders and Marriages: How to Make Sure Your Marriage Doesn't Fail While Your Business Succeeds

Ann Visser and her husband started a ministry 4better 4ever to help marriages and organizations survive the daily life challenges. As a great leader, Ann’s mission is to equip Christian women to communicate with confidence and create a closer connection in their relationships.

Ann encountered communication problems early in her marriage which led to an emotional distance. On a date night, she decided to have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband about her concerns regarding their relationship. They both recommitted and agreed to get counseling. The lessons learned during counseling were key communication skills and conflict resolution. After much work, they realized good communication is a skill everyone can learn. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the healthy communication skills needed to build strong relationships.

As business leaders, they both felt the need to share...

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