Authenticity | Host: Tina Rains


Welcome back Masterpiece Women. Today's topic is authenticity. Authenticity is a key component to building great relationships. Authenticity shows your integrity, builds trust, demonstrates ethics, aligns values, creates conversation, contributes to others supporting each other, develops your self-awareness, challenges you and others, and shows the depth of your integrity. Your story is valuable. A leader's transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity are key components of building any organization.

Tina Rains is an RN and the founder/leader of the Masterpiece Women movement. she shares how authenticity and vulnerability related to her childhood abuse and poverty created an opportunity for her to serve and help thousands of women around the world. Our story gives permission to others to share their stories. Many of us do not share our stories and we keep them inside. First and foremost, if your past is painful, Tina encourages you to find a community of women who will help you...

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