Servant Leaders need to focus on Self Care too | Hosts: Benita Williams and Tina Rains


Tina Rains interviews Benita Williams, Bestselling Author and CEO of Benita Williams Enterprises. LLC.In their discussions Benita shares about self care and her passion to help women focus more on self-care while thriving in leadership. You do not want to miss this dynamic speaker. She shares great advice on Servant Leadership as well.

Benita Williams is an International Bestselling author, and CEO of Benita Williams Enterprises LLC, a boutique consulting company. Benita is an industry expert with over 20 years of executive leadership. Benita is also the visionary behind Restination; a powerful, accelerating transformation program and retreat for women who struggle with work/life balance while trying to achieve personal fulfillment. Benita’s tagline is “I sell time to busy professional women.”

Benita coaches others based on the work/life balance skills she has had to master in her own life. After a life-threatening wake-up call, Benita realized...

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