Success To Significance | Hosts: Suria Scholtz and Tina Rains

Suria Schultz has loved traveling throughout her life, she was called in her passion and went on a mission trip. She meets her husband in India. They lived in India and later moved to Africa. One of their many dreams was to adopt children once married. They adopted 9, Fostered 5, and have 2 biological children.

Every Season in our life is different. How to be Christlike in a crisis is very challenging for us. The raising your kids season held her down to do what she loves most, her mission trips. Suria discusses the see-saw effect in our lives as women when we try to be Mary in one season and then Martha in another. Appreciate what God is doing in your life in every moment and not see people as interruptions.

In this new season of her life, the children are grown and gone. She is experiencing the second half of her life which she says, “it’s more exciting”. She wants women to move upward, collaborates, and remember that we can’t do anything of eternal value without the vine. Re-evaluate your life constantly and keep Christ in the center of your life.

Her advice is to keep challenging ourselves. Keep growing and getting closer to the vine. Keep dreaming and encouraging one another by sharing your story. We are God’s masterpiece to collaborate with each other as women and not compete. Keep an eternal mindset, One Kingdom One Destiny.

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