Tina Rains | Inspiring Others is a Gift

Today we are talking about Inspiration. Who/what inspires you in your life?

Each one of us can inspire other people. Let's talk about it!

10 key ways to inspire others:

Confidence: Oftentimes people are looking for confidence in others to help them grow. There are many ways to uplift people around you. Being courageous and confident. The guaranteed way is being connected to God.

Balance: When we balance our life we are able to succeed. It’s not easy for most of us.

Boldness: We should be bold and courageous. Bold in your decisions. Challenge your team to set goals and use time management. Building community and a sense of compassion. You have to be relatable.

Creativity: People want you to be more creative. Which leads to inspiring more people.

Determination: People want to see that you have faith and people want to connect with people they can trust, also for people who believe in Freedom including Freedom of Speech.

Harmony: Creating inspiration takes harmony. Make sure your influence matches the word in the bible.

Kindness: People want to see how you lead. There are different styles of leadership. Your leadership is key. Loyalty to anything inspires people.

Love: We can change the world with love and respect for their differences. Love people well and that inspires them.

Optimism: Comes from Faith. Know your security and hope come.

Value: Stay in high integrity and creativity. Teaching and adding value to others will help inspire them.

Share your victories and challenges. Self-doubt always holds you back. Your story is important. It all matters!

Inspire others to become the best version of themselves. Pay attention to your behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses so that when you are inspiring others it helps them see the discipline. If you are a leader in your community you want to inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

Keep in mind your why and understand you are why because that self-discipline is very inspirational.


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