Ashley Baillargeon and Tina Rains | PATIENCE

Divorce and Family Law Attorney, Ashley Baillargeon of Baillargeon Law Firm, Faith-based in Orlando, Florida assists and works for those affected by domestic abuse/violence, and human trafficking, as well volunteers as a guardian ad Litem.
Call or text (407) 338-3230

Ashley also created a business called Pro-se to help people who can’t afford an attorney to fill out forms and educate them in the process with videos costing $50.00. As a leader, She wants to help and educate the community. She is an attorney who truly cares to do the right thing.

She learned early in her career to charge for her consults as she understood that people appreciate and give more value to what is paid for.

Ashley recommends receiving legal advice only from an attorney. In Florida, it is a third-degree felony to give advice to anyone if you are not a licensed attorney.

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