Tina Rains | Generosity and Leadership


Who comes to your mind when you think of Generosity?

Oftentimes the person who mentored you, or the person who poured into you. Generosity has a lot to do with Leadership. The greatest gift you can give somebody is your time. One of the biggest thieves of generosity is being too busy. Pay attention to the people around you. Who is that person you can pour into? Oftentimes as Christians we can become legalists. Which makes it harder to be generous. One of the things God has convicted me about is why am I doing it? Are you expecting a specific outcome? Ask yourself what is your motivation? Consider your team and what their needs are. Be an ear because they want to know they are valuable. Look at David in the Bible, He served and was very Generous!

Generosity is not about wealth. I believe being wealthy is a great thing in order to be more generous. I understand poverty very closely. All of that was for a purpose and a plan. We need to know how to use the money that God blesses us with. Generosity helps others and helps you as well. It is so rewarding to see the impact when you say YES, to the Generosity of time, talents, & treasure.

Sometimes Generosity can be a connection! Listening to others and their needs can make a connection that blesses their life.. I encourage you this season to be intentional and generous to your family first and the people who need you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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