Tina Rains and Jacky Davey | Purpose and Calling

Jacky is a caring and inspiring leader, motivator, and ambassador for Christ. She is the founder and CEO of Purple Tree Coaching & Consulting, helping entrepreneurs and organizations work with purpose. She is a passionate coach and trainer, helping others see themselves as God sees them to fulfill their potential. She is also an experienced consultant, passionate about strategic insight, execution, and results, and is committed to seeing people and organizations succeed.

Jacky brings over 20 years of experience in the ministry/non-profit sector and is skilled in marketing, communications, logistics, community relations, administration, and people management.  Jacky’s diverse background includes Marketing and Management degrees from Florida Atlantic University, Coaching Certification from the Association of Talent and Development, and Coaching and Biblical Business Training certifications from the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community. 


In addition to running a business, Jacky is a wife, mother, and volunteer in her local community. She currently lives in South Florida with JP and their two children.


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