Tina Rains | Impossible is Where God Starts – Miracles Are What He Does

Hey everyone! I’ve just dropped a new video on my channel that’s close to my heart - "Impossible is Where God Starts – Miracles Are What He Does". In this video, I'm peeling back the layers of fear and sharing two incredible miracles from my own family's journey.

We often hear the acronym for FEAR as 'False Evidence Appearing Real'. But in the face of the unknown, I want to offer you another perspective: 'Face Everything And Rise'. Through personal stories and the powerful chapters of John 9 and John 11, we see that where we see an end, God sees a beginning. Where we see impossible, God sees an opportunity for miracles.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by fear, this video is for you. Remember, every miracle in the Bible started with a situation that looked impossible. Let’s gather strength from these stories and know that God is still in the business of miracles today.

Head over to watch the video, be inspired, and let’s have a conversation in the comments. How has faith helped you overcome fear? Share your experiences and let's support each other in witnessing how God works in wondrous ways.


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