Tina Rains | Forgiveness is a Gift to Yourself


"Forgiveness: Not a Feeling but a choice"

Give yourself the gift of forgiveness not only to yourself but to others. Choose to be the victor, not the victim. The victim mentality will hold you back from thriving and authenticity. 

We should forgive just as God forgave us. 

We all have been hurt. Sharing your story and pain can free you and heal your soul. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself, not the predator. 

The anger that comes with past pain can transpire into physical manifestation. Constantly sick with diseases and body aches can be due to your psychological well-being and emotional strongholds. 

Forgiveness is not condoning or excusing the offense. It's more about your inner healing and freedom.  Giving grace and mercy as God extends it to us, we should also give it to others. 

You can forgive others and live in freedom and victory. It's a path to release our souls to live in peace.

Forgiveness takes time to catch up with your emotions when you make a choice to forgive. Also, if you have been deeply wounded get help with counseling or a coach. The path to forgiveness releases shame, anger, resentment, and desire for vengeance. Forgiveness makes inner space for love and peace. It's an opportunity to change our perception. You limit the ability to connect with others.

We all deserve to live in freedom. 

Practicing forgiveness is a commitment. 


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