Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Host: Tina Rains


Comfort Zone

If we settle for our Comfort Zone, it means all that we are today is all that we are ever going to be!
There are two Comfort Zone Foundations: Habit and Belief
• Habit actions that express themselves without any Conscious awareness
• Non-Adaptive
• IQ of 0- they do what they are programmed to do
• 80%-90% of our daily actions are habitual we don’t think about what we do!
• Stored in Subconscious mind-like habits
• Based upon our evaluation of things
• Self-Limiting belief- One that holds us back from moving in the direction that we want
• Results of a learning process-not necessarily a true reflection of reality
• Formed through repetition & Emotion – the more emotion the more powerful the belief
• The CREATOR of our reality – our adopted beliefs become true for us

Growth happens Outside the Comfort Zone. Growth comes with struggles, confusion, pain, and fear....

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Revelations in Business | Hosts: Dr. K. Shelette Stewart and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women welcomes Dr. Shelette Stewart!

Tina Rains and Dr Stewart talk about the focus on creating a business or career plan based on God's plan for your life. What is God's Purpose and Plan for your life? Is it modeled in your business plan? Are you incorporating your faith at work? 

Dr. Stewart shares about conducting strategic planning for organizations such as Texas Instruments, Coca Cola Corporation and Chick Fil -A. She shares insights on how she leads programs with organizations of that magnitude. She also shares that our business should be treated as a ministry.

Dr. K. Shelette Stewart has over 20 years of leadership experience as a business practitioner and an academician with leading organizations including Harvard Business School, The Coca-Cola Company, and BellSouth / AT&T in strategic business planning, business development, and marketing. She is a Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Program Specialist and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration.


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Servant Leaders need to focus on Self Care too | Hosts: Benita Williams and Tina Rains


Tina Rains interviews Benita Williams, Bestselling Author and CEO of Benita Williams Enterprises. LLC.In their discussions Benita shares about self care and her passion to help women focus more on self-care while thriving in leadership. You do not want to miss this dynamic speaker. She shares great advice on Servant Leadership as well.

Benita Williams is an International Bestselling author, and CEO of Benita Williams Enterprises LLC, a boutique consulting company. Benita is an industry expert with over 20 years of executive leadership. Benita is also the visionary behind Restination; a powerful, accelerating transformation program and retreat for women who struggle with work/life balance while trying to achieve personal fulfillment. Benita’s tagline is “I sell time to busy professional women.”

Benita coaches others based on the work/life balance skills she has had to master in her own life. After a life-threatening wake-up call, Benita realized...

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The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 37-40


Welcome back, Masterpiece Women. Today’s podcast is the last in this series of the study of Exodus. What an incredible book this is to study. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. There has been so much rich content. Don't you love how you can read things in the Bible many times and yet God will reveal different things each time depending on the season and whatever it is that he would like for you to receive from it? This study has been incredible for me. I hope you experienced the same. There were so many leadership lessons to learn. In chapters 37 through 40 we see the building of the ark of the covenant, table, lampstand, incense altar, the altar of burnt offering, the washbasin, and courtyard. we see the incredible inventory of materials that were used. We also see the clothing of the priests as well as the set-up of the Tabernacle. There were so many details and so much material used. Think about where they received the materials from. Do you remember earlier in...

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Mentor The Next Generation | Hosts: Tina Rains and Darlene Davis


Masterpiece Women welcomes Darlene Davis!

She is the founder and president of Daughters Of Zion Women of Destiny. Darlene is also a teacher, prophetic intercessor, exhorter, counselor, life coach, and author of the book Dwelling in The Secret Place.

Darlene believes that she is in the prime of her life and has a “passion to see men and women find their true identity in Christ and discover their divine purpose".

Darlene holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Florida International University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Divinity at the University of Fort Lauderdale. Her professional background is in Sales and Marketing in the Hotel & Tourism Industry. She reigned as Ms. Bahamas and participated in the Miss Universe Pageant.
Darlene feels that her most valuable life achievement was in October 1987 when she gave her life to...

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How Does Our Personality Affect Our Leadership and Spiritual Walk? | Hosts: Hettie Brittz and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women welcomes Hettie Brittz!

Hettie Brittz is the author of (un) Natural Mom and Growing Kids With Character. As a former speech, language, and hearing therapist, Hettie worked in a multi-disciplinary practice alongside a pediatrician, psychologist, occupational therapist, and other speech therapists. She gained extensive experience in therapy and parental guidance. She also pioneered an educational upliftment project in Proclamation Hill where she worked with many challenging children, dealing with everything from nutrition and computer skills to molestation and spiritual counseling. Hettie is the developer of the Evergreen Parenting Course and heads up a group of more than 200 facilitators in 8 countries who use the course to help families. Hettie and her husband, Louis, have 3 children.

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You Are Never Too Old to Follow Your Passion and Reinvent Yourself | Hosts: Maritza Longtin and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women welcomes Maritza Longtin! 

In this podcast, we will realize that age is only just a number. It should not stop us from reinventing ourselves and following our passion. This message is evident in the life of Maritza. 

She uses her passion for art to tell the world about God. Maritza shares we shouldn't limit ourselves, especially with our calling. We shouldn't put our calling in a box but we should aim at a daily basis to meet our real calling which is to be more like Christ. If we understand this, we should do whatever we can to draw people closer to God. 

Maritza also explains that we are not for everybody. As to how Christ was rejected even by His people, we can also expect rejections. It will be painful but it is real. Let us remind ourselves of our real purpose which is to magnify the Lord; though, we will be rejected - it's okay. 

Let's look at what Matthew 5:10-12 says...

"10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,...

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The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 28-30


Chapters 28 to 30 are all about the priestly garments, the consecration of the Priests, and the altar of incense. In chapters 28 & 29 we see that the priests were chosen.
1. They are chosen to serve God.
2. They are chosen to serve the People.
3. They were to serve in fear of God.
4. They must be consecrated.
5. They did this daily.
We are anointed by the spirit of God, we are to serve others, fear God, repent and daily seek a relationship with our Father. He wants us to hear his voice, surrender, and obey.

Each morning the priests were to offer a burning sacrifice to the Lord. They were to clean their hands and feet before entering. The Lord wants us pure at heart and cleansed of our bondage and sin. This is a daily event. We are all sinners and fall short. Because of Jesus, we simply lay it down at the altar daily, repent, cleanse our minds with the word of God (John 17:17) and seek the Lord’s strength for that day to do what He is calling us to do.

Every day, all day is a day...

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How Does A Vertical Relationship and Inner Healing Affect Our Future | Hosts: Melia Diana and Tina Rains


About Melia Diana:
Melia’s entire career has been solely devoted to serving and helping others prosper. She has spent over 15 years in the medical fitness field, and is an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Christian Counselor, Certified Biblical Therapist, Faith-Based Clinical Counselor; specializing in inner healing deliverance, Award-Winning Writer, Relationship Dating Coach, Ministry Founder, and Christian Podcaster of “The Vertical Relationship Show”.

Melia’s extensive certifications and spiritual gifts led her to utilize her faith, expertise, experience, and personal development to brand her own- Signature (2in1) Biblical Christian Counseling, Coaching Services, and Academy Courses. Helping no-nonsense Christians ready to go “next level” with God and start healing “GOD’S WAY,” break barriers bondages for your wounded soul, and overall health, and cultivate thriving relationships you’ve always desired! Digging...

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Real Estate in South Florida | Hosts: Amy Carpenter and Tina Rains


Real Estate in South Florida: Tips for Selling Your Home and Building Business

Amy Carpenter is not just an expert in real estate, a professional interior designer but she is also a philanthropist. She always had that passion to give back to the community. For her, it is more important to give than to receive and more than the giving and receiving what she feels inside in giving back to the community. 

The best advice Amy Carpenter received in business and life, in general, is to always “listen to your customers and hear what they are saying.”  It is easy to sell to people if we listen to them and sell them what they want. Other than putting our ideas, it is also valuable to ask what our customer’s feedback and their opinions are because at the end of the day those people are the one who consumes our product and pays for it. 

Amy Carpenter’s biggest mistake she made in business is she wasn’t fast enough to get herself out there. She was...

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