Tina Rains and Andrea Anderson | Relieve & Realign: Eliminating hindrances to reignite your God-given calling in business


Andrea Anderson, The Business Detoxer™, is a certified Coach + Consultant specializing in empowering highly called Christian entrepreneurs to break free from business-related stress and achieve their God-given calling. Through The Business Detox™ program, she guides her clients to identify their unique success fingerprint and eliminate roadblocks hindering their growth.

Andrea offers an alternative to the toxicity of success culture by helping her clients rest in what God wants to do in and through them instead of working in their own strength. She also helps them connect their core values, gifts, and God-given desires to their sales and marketing strategies for better alignment. This not only reduces overwhelm but also nurtures a sense of calm and relief, allowing clients to confidently pursue their calling.

By listening intently to her clients’ needs and focusing on healing deep-rooted resistance, Andrea creates space for transformative growth. Her clients enjoy the benefits of increased confidence, time freedom, and improved mental well-being. Andrea is ACC accredited by the International Coach Federation, certified in life and health coaching, and a teaching instructor for the Institute For Health By Faith. As a co-founder of Wholly Healthy Christian Moms, she resides in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband and four children.

Andrea offers a a free quiz that helps entrepreneurs identify which of their 5 business pillars is the greatest source of stress and turmoil in their business: https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/6439e327db251f0014360e4e

Visit Andrea on her social media platforms:
Free consult: bit.ly/yourfreecall30
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@andrealeighco
IG https://www.instagram.com/andrealeighco
TT https://www.tiktok.com/@andrealeighco

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