Overcoming Adversity with Michele Nadeem Baker


Today's Podcast and video features former International Corporate Executive Michele Nadeem Baker. In today's podcast you will hear how Michele went from a dream position as an international leader in communications to becoming a voice and an incredible support system to women diagnosed with cancer.

You can imagine the effect a cancer diagnosis had on Michele. Michele found herself deflated,, scared, and overwhelmed. Her identity was caught up in her career. Often, we fall into that trap. Michele shares how she has and is dealing with the greatest adversity of her life. She has turned her diagnosis of cancer into an opportunity to serve other women all over the world that have the diagnosis of cancer.

She shares practical tips to dealing with the questions “Now What?’. When Michele was diagnosed, she had no idea what she would do next. She had to dig deep and seek help. She gives excellent advice to other women struggling with any difficult situation:

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