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Denise was a country girl raised in Ohio. At about 11 years old, she read an article about Mother Theresa. God pierced her heart at an early age with a dream after reading the article. After graduating high school she moved to Miami Florida and started Bible College. Later, she got married and has been married for 46 years and had 3 children. After she married she moved to Denver with her small children not knowing anyone. It was time to dig deep for Denise about who she was. Then she moved to Orlando Florida. In Orlando, she started sewing for skaters as her daughter was part of the skating team. She then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and 6 months later her youngest son was diagnosed with cancer and spent a lot of time in the hospital with her son. Feeling lost and scared, her son fought cancer for 4 years. Her son won his battle and is now residing in Heaven.

October 5, 1997, became a defining line for her. Everything is relative to that moment, burying her son. Denise moved to Lebanon as a foreigner she experienced many things among those things she recognized Denise as the new woman God was shaping. Not knowing what is next, she believed in God. She had to use her 5 senses in a country where she didn't speak the language. She learned of the silenced woman Denise as a woman wrapped around Jesus.

Can you be a mess and be solid? Yes, because the anchor doesn’t move. She was invited to a village where refugees are brought to in Georgia. She was asked to do something for 9 women who were foreigners in America. Denise didn't think she had anything to offer. She brought them hot sweet tea and cookies speaking some Arabic to welcome them to the country. Denise cried all the way home driving back for 45 minutes. By saying, Yes to the invitation. She then remembered the dream in her heart when she was a girl after reading the article about Mother Theresa.

Peace of Thread started when Denise humbled herself. There are women from 60 different nations and she wanted to make a difference by giving them a voice and hope. She would ask her friends for gas money to be able to drive 45 minutes to show up and change women's lives. When hope is infused, it is inoculated in you and changes everything. Today, Denise runs Peace of Thread in Grace Village with 2 locations in Atlanta Georgia with a clinic, counseling, a whole house built just for women, a triage to help healing for women emotionally and spiritually, a playground, and a herb garden. Denise’s Non-Profit is now giving hope to women and they make beautiful purses.

The purses are all one of a kind. Denise never imagined what God had in store for her life. As we navigate and look at our difficult seasons and recognize this is where God uses us the most. We are equipped to do the job. Failure is with a YES. Say, YES Lord!

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