Jessica Yarbrough and Tina Rains | Book High Ticket Clients

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Mindset is Key to Success | Hosts: Alicia Cramer and Tina Rains


Alicia Cramer – Change your Mind – Change your Life

Recognized Internationally as a Business Mindset Expert

You can recondition your mind regardless of your age. Alicia grew up on a Dairy Farm in Central Wisconsin. Her parents worked 7 days a week. She did not have an empowering upbringing, she grew up in a home with anger, negativity, and alcohol. One thing that resonated with her was how her mom valued being her own boss.

Alicia at age 18 started a network marketing and failed then moved at age 20 to California and started an internet storefront. But realized she didn’t have the right mindset. She ended up filing bankruptcy, but the dream did not die.

Alicia experienced a very traumatic and painful event in her life that transformed her and led her to be who she is today. Through this transformational journey, she discovered that we humans have specific behaviors and patterns that need to change. There are 2 things she discusses regarding...

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Host: Tina Rains


Comfort Zone

If we settle for our Comfort Zone, it means all that we are today is all that we are ever going to be!
There are two Comfort Zone Foundations: Habit and Belief
• Habit actions that express themselves without any Conscious awareness
• Non-Adaptive
• IQ of 0- they do what they are programmed to do
• 80%-90% of our daily actions are habitual we don’t think about what we do!
• Stored in Subconscious mind-like habits
• Based upon our evaluation of things
• Self-Limiting belief- One that holds us back from moving in the direction that we want
• Results of a learning process-not necessarily a true reflection of reality
• Formed through repetition & Emotion – the more emotion the more powerful the belief
• The CREATOR of our reality – our adopted beliefs become true for us

Growth happens Outside the Comfort Zone. Growth comes with struggles, confusion, pain, and fear....

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Success To Significance | Hosts: Suria Scholtz and Tina Rains


Suria Schultz has loved traveling throughout her life, she was called in her passion and went on a mission trip. She meets her husband in India. They lived in India and later moved to Africa. One of their many dreams was to adopt children once married. They adopted 9, Fostered 5, and have 2 biological children.

Every Season in our life is different. How to be Christlike in a crisis is very challenging for us. The raising your kids season held her down to do what she loves most, her mission trips. Suria discusses the see-saw effect in our lives as women when we try to be Mary in one season and then Martha in another. Appreciate what God is doing in your life in every moment and not see people as interruptions.

In this new season of her life, the children are grown and gone. She is experiencing the second half of her life which she says, “it’s more exciting”. She wants women to move upward, collaborates, and remember that we can’t do anything of eternal value...

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Leaders and Marriages | Hosts: Ann Visser and Tina Rains


Leaders and Marriages: How to Make Sure Your Marriage Doesn't Fail While Your Business Succeeds

Ann Visser and her husband started a ministry 4better 4ever to help marriages and organizations survive the daily life challenges. As a great leader, Ann’s mission is to equip Christian women to communicate with confidence and create a closer connection in their relationships.

Ann encountered communication problems early in her marriage which led to an emotional distance. On a date night, she decided to have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband about her concerns regarding their relationship. They both recommitted and agreed to get counseling. The lessons learned during counseling were key communication skills and conflict resolution. After much work, they realized good communication is a skill everyone can learn. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the healthy communication skills needed to build strong relationships.

As business leaders, they both felt the need to share...

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Authenticity | Host: Tina Rains


Welcome back Masterpiece Women. Today's topic is authenticity. Authenticity is a key component to building great relationships. Authenticity shows your integrity, builds trust, demonstrates ethics, aligns values, creates conversation, contributes to others supporting each other, develops your self-awareness, challenges you and others, and shows the depth of your integrity. Your story is valuable. A leader's transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity are key components of building any organization.

Tina Rains is an RN and the founder/leader of the Masterpiece Women movement. she shares how authenticity and vulnerability related to her childhood abuse and poverty created an opportunity for her to serve and help thousands of women around the world. Our story gives permission to others to share their stories. Many of us do not share our stories and we keep them inside. First and foremost, if your past is painful, Tina encourages you to find a community of women who will help you...

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Revelations in Business | Hosts: Dr. K. Shelette Stewart and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women welcomes Dr. Shelette Stewart!

Tina Rains and Dr Stewart talk about the focus on creating a business or career plan based on God's plan for your life. What is God's Purpose and Plan for your life? Is it modeled in your business plan? Are you incorporating your faith at work? 

Dr. Stewart shares about conducting strategic planning for organizations such as Texas Instruments, Coca Cola Corporation and Chick Fil -A. She shares insights on how she leads programs with organizations of that magnitude. She also shares that our business should be treated as a ministry.

Dr. K. Shelette Stewart has over 20 years of leadership experience as a business practitioner and an academician with leading organizations including Harvard Business School, The Coca-Cola Company, and BellSouth / AT&T in strategic business planning, business development, and marketing. She is a Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Program Specialist and holds a Doctorate in Business Administration.


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Do Not Be Afraid To Ask | Hosts: Lenore Nolan-Ryan and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women Welcomes Lenore Nolan-Ryan!

Celebrated chef, Lenore Nolan Ryan began her career at 19 with a brunch restaurant in Indianapolis. In the late ’70s, she moved to San Francisco, fell in love, duplicated her brunch, and enjoyed notoriety when she opened a neighborhood restaurant, catering company, wine bar, cooking school, and the retail market called, “Ryan’s”.

Returning home in 1999 to her native South Florida, Lenore conceived of and then opened her first Florida eatery, Gina Lenore's in an Italian pizzeria in Lauderdale by the Sea -- Lenore Nolan Ryan Catering & Cooking School, an inventive and inviting culinary destination in Lauderdale by the sea in 2000. 

In 2016, Lenore moved her business to the Galt Ocean Mile. As 2020 presented the challenge of a new normal, she conceived a signature “Meals to go program” and Zoom options: Themed destination dinners featuring original tapas, interactive happy hours...

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Servant Leaders need to focus on Self Care too | Hosts: Benita Williams and Tina Rains


Tina Rains interviews Benita Williams, Bestselling Author and CEO of Benita Williams Enterprises. LLC.In their discussions Benita shares about self care and her passion to help women focus more on self-care while thriving in leadership. You do not want to miss this dynamic speaker. She shares great advice on Servant Leadership as well.

Benita Williams is an International Bestselling author, and CEO of Benita Williams Enterprises LLC, a boutique consulting company. Benita is an industry expert with over 20 years of executive leadership. Benita is also the visionary behind Restination; a powerful, accelerating transformation program and retreat for women who struggle with work/life balance while trying to achieve personal fulfillment. Benita’s tagline is “I sell time to busy professional women.”

Benita coaches others based on the work/life balance skills she has had to master in her own life. After a life-threatening wake-up call, Benita realized...

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Outwit Fear | Host: Tina Rains


Are you ready to face your fears? Scan the code or click here to visit the link so you can sign up to get our free Outwit Fear workbook with a self-evaluation. 

In our last chapter of Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about six fears we must overcome. We're going to talk about the descriptions of each of these 6 fears. They are the cause of discouragement, timidity, procrastination, indifference, indecision, and the lack of ambition, self-reliance, initiative, self-control, and enthusiasm. 

I want you to search for yourself right now and think about any of these characteristics that you see in yourself. Take inventory and write it down. Be sure to scan the QR code to receive the workbook and self-evaluation tool. He calls these the 6th ghosts I would say these are six lies from the enemy. They have caused more damage to people in their own minds than many other physical issues in the world. The fear of poverty and scarcity seizes the minds of millions of...

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