Dori Stewart and Tina Rains | How To Go From A Teacher To An Entrepreneur: Live a life of Prosperity


Masterpiece Women Welcomes Dori Stewart!

What is your passion? Dori found her passion and now uses it to teach others to grow their business idea.
As a former teacher, she taught Civil Engineering to high school students for 11 years. After having her own children and involving them as much as possible in her journey as a teacher, she looked into her children's elementary curriculum a bit deeper. She decided to take the Civil Engineering Course to the Elementary Level and it took off.

Ultimately this program was a success! It's in 165 locations, 35 countries, and a million students. After much research and no business background, her idea was franchised. She knew if she franchised the business idea it could impact more kids.

2 questions to ask yourself before you can Franchise the business:
Is my business successful and profitable?
Is this a business someone else can run and be successful without you?

She was confronted with complex pieces in her journey to expand her idea to the franchise. A Franchise Consultant didn’t think people would understand it. She had no business degree or knowledge. She did find an attorney and an accountant that helped give her confidence. As a leader in her community, Dori was led to believe in herself regardless of the negative opinions. Her dreams and passions were bigger. Her business Franchise idea boomed and she sold it in 2020. She now helps teachers take their dreams and visions to become a business.

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