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Integrative Dentistry is more than dental work; it looks more into overall health. It’s looking outside the box. Integrative Dentistry looks at your overall health thoroughly asking many questions commonly not asked by your dentists.

Dr. Poskozim had zero Business building education in dentistry. She worked as an associate for a few years and she realized after 7 years following her graduation to start her own practice. Her practice started in 2006 in the State of Illinois.

The hardest thing when transitioning was educating the new clients on the value of integrative dentistry.
Joy’s niche is going to geriatric patients’ homes and providing Palliative Care. More importantly, geriatric patients need an overall deep dive into their health before being them with any dental service.

Dr. Poskozim did not have a mentor when she started, but highly recommends having one. In her field, she didn't know where to look for a mentor 15 years ago.

The best piece of advice she received, The first two years spend as much money marketing to get your name out there. In these difficult times, People tend to cut marketing expenses. The reality is, it takes money to make money! Be out there and be present to scale on social media. People want to know who they are dealing with. Videos are worth a thousand words. If you can't afford to pay someone to help you with the videos and marketing then you may need to make the time to create your own videos for marketing and you learn your voice, but do it yourself for a short time. Eventually, hire a company to do it for you.

Responsibility to step forward. To make an impact.
The initiative, do it anyway! Even if you don't have a mentor.
Sacrifice, be willing to make the sacrifice, and have your boundaries up—stellarly focused.
Knowledge and the tools. Find someone that has done it.

What are the greatest lessons learned? Failures or Successes?
The failures have been her greatest teacher. As a business innovator, it is best to learn and grow at all times to best serve our clients.
Build your influence! When people know you, people will do business with you. Learn from the successful people what they do. Don’t be scared to do it or base it on the likes. You don’t know who you are impacting.
Joy’s piece of advice for the ladies, Go for it, Do it!! As women, we can be fantastic entrepreneurs.

Remember you are a Masterpiece!
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