Erika Obando and Tina Rains | Victim to Victorious


A distinguished TEDx International Speaker, Author, and Transformational Coach, Erika Obando has become relentless in advocating a life with purpose. Erika made it her life mission to help empower, coach, and guide individuals by stepping into their own power and discovering the best versions of themselves by changing the narrative of their own stories. Using her own tools of resilience and overcoming, Erika teaches her the art of transformation from Victim to Victorious.

Erika Obando helps women find Hope. In her transformational coaching, she focuses on the inner child, the dreamer, that needs to be valued. The primary basis has the inner child in mind. Our adult issues are all from our unresolved issues from childhood.

 TPE (The Pink Elephant) Coaching and Consulting is the name of her company. Erika has an eclectic mix of skill sets. She worked in the legal field for 20 plus years, in interior design, and in Media, Marketing, and TV stations.  

Fun things coming up, Erika has a second book coming out soon. She launched Without a Voice in 2020 and is now launching it in Spanish.

How did you build your own business? 

First, The calling will never go away! The first piece of advice is to listen to it. You are not here to leave your resume but to leave a legacy. Second, You don't do it alone.

Patience and Persistence pay off. Impacting people is better than moving your bank account.

For 2023 Erika shares her two phrases: Fluidity and Love to Love. Give with no expectations.


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