Reinventing Yourself | Host: Dede Lomenick


Reinventing yourself-Building Business during difficult times

Leading Through Adversity

Dede Lomenick, A God-fearing woman and leader in her community discusses her challenges and transitions she faced that ultimately led her to reinvent her life.

After a season of illness, 9 years and many months in bed Dede discovered her niche. Once she was well, an opportunity fell in her lap to do comedy. This was a lifelong dream! Unleashed- was born. Comedy is a tool that allows us to see what we have in common and let down our defenses.  This was Dede’s opportunity to meet other women and connect through her stories.

Through a series of losses, her marriage, her father, relocating to a new city, and going through grief, she understands this is what God allowed her to experience. The reinventing of her new life, though challenging, it’s all for His Glory. This is the time where there is no other option but God. When all things around you change, the only thing that does not change is God. 

Dede’s advice to women is to use your gifts in your calling. This is powerful! She mentions 3 areas to focus on when building a ministry or business.

  1. Know your mission/vision
  2. Know your worth
  3. Know your limits

Reinventing herself through difficult times has been scary but she reminds herself of the scripture in Exodus 2:23-25, where the Israelites cried for help to God and God heard, remembered, saw and knew them. She applies this promise to her life. She knows she is not left behind and neither are you.

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