Tina Rains: Does Practice Make Perfect?


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Practice makes perfect! We have heard it over and over again, But do we apply it in our lives and in business?
Practice is one of the keys to reaching your goal and success. Don't focus on being perfect, strive for progress.
It is so essential to implement it! You want to get to a place where you are practicing what your goals are.
Many women have spoken out about the fear of making videos and being on social media. If you have fear, get a coach and join a mastermind to help you fear. Do it scared.
Also, don't get stuck in the stage of learning, learning, learning. You need to implement what you learn. Don’t let fear paralyze you. The best way to build a business in this economy is to build your influence. Speak into people’s lives. You won't attract everyone. You will attract your avatar and add value to that. When we practice we become more fully.
Another key in practice is to keep trying no matter the times you fail. Practice until you get it right. Make sure you are taking the time to set goals daily. Change your mindset. No matter what it is that we are implementing the more we do it the better we get on it. People want to experience things and learn. If they are looking for your services, share them on social media. Build relationships first. Start with questions and engagements. Practicing our business in a manner that adds value to others is powerful. Success is one step at a time.

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