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Have you set your goals for 2023? When is the best time to set your goals?

Writing your goals down gives you a 50% better chance to achieve them. If you write it down for 21 days straight it helps improve and create a habit. Your goals have to be specific! It needs to be measurable and realistic.
By making goals each week that is specific, measurable, and on time, you will see results. Make smart goals including a vision board to visualize them.
Think of goals as personal. Examples are I, I will, I am, then you own it.
Look at your planner for the new year and plan first what are the most important things for you and your family. Intentional goals! Like family vacations, gatherings, and special events.

Also, Journaling will help with time management. Create a list of your goals for the day. It takes 11-16 minutes to get back to your frame of mind when interrupted or distracted. Don't allow distractions to pull you away from your goals. Accountability helps achieve goals too. You achieve more in the community than alone.

As Leaders, we have to set examples. I encourage you to set God-size goals. Start planning today, your dreams and visions.

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