Tina Rains: Does Practice Make Perfect?


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Practice makes perfect! We have heard it over and over again, But do we apply it in our lives and in business?
Practice is one of the keys to reaching your goal and success. Don't focus on being perfect, strive for progress.
It is so essential to implement it! You want to get to a place where you are practicing what your goals are.
Many women have spoken out about the fear of making videos and being on social media. If you have fear, get a coach and join a mastermind to help you fear. Do it scared.
Also, don't get stuck in the stage of learning, learning, learning. You need to implement what you learn. Don’t let fear paralyze you. The best way to build a business in this economy is to build your influence. Speak into people’s lives. You won't attract everyone. You will attract your avatar and add value to that. When we...

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Talk about Efficiency with Tina Rains


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Today our topic is Efficiency. It can be something we struggle with! As models to our team, it is imperative that we model it and teach them. Part of it is time management.  

Let's talk about it as a leader. How can you be more efficient? Especially in these tough times. How are you meeting your goals? Even on a weekly basis, have a  set of goals and make a plan of action. Take your day and breakdown, make a plan of action and follow it to achieve your goal and not get distracted. A key factor to doing it is accepting that you don't have to be an expert! 

Make sure you are focused on your goals, purpose, dreams, and your visions. Help your team, know your team to plan what’s important to them, not just your cooperation.

Your team will be more efficient when the family is prioritized. They will complain less and make sure they know we value them. Overturn of people can be...

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Danelle Meoli and Tina Rains | Self Care begins with Mind Set


Are you where you want to be personally and in business? In this podcast, Danelle Meoli, business leader and founder of a brand new health and wellness company, breaks down the importance of speaking life and being mindful of your words.

Danelle Meoli is a faith-filled, accomplished 8-figure Entrepreneur, Personal Development Mentor, passionate motivational speaker, and published author. She is the Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Awakend, a newly launched Direct Sales company that distributes outstanding wellness products with a focus on mindset training to accelerate achievement. She is an inductee into the 2020 GoPro Million Dollar Hall of Fame and 2021 NUL Million Dollar Circle. Danelle is devoted to helping people rewire their thought life so they can begin to win in life at levels they never thought possible. She has spoken all over the world on mastering one’s mindset to attract success in every area of one's life.

As a leader, She knew early in life she wanted to be...

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Tina Rains | 4 Keys to Great Leadership


These are the key ways we as leaders can be of impact:

  • Shepherd
  • Stewarts
  • Seers
  • Servants

Shepherds= Relationships. As shepherds we lead by example, we guide our team, and we ask questions that matter. Surround yourself with the smartest people you can be around. Join a mentorship program. The greatest Leaders have the greatest influence.

Stewarts=Responsibility. We are responsible to oversee others. Being authentic as a leader is important because you are setting an example. Your team needs to understand you as a leader. Take responsibility for your final decisions. Brainstorming with a team is important for them to be trusted with the decision making. It makes them feel trusted. Anything you do, it should be duplicated.

Seers=Revelation. Clear communicator. Be a leader who sets and creates the vision. Speak as a visionary. You are the CEO and responsible to lead but true ownership will ask their team what they think. There is a 9-month biblical program you can inquire about. Your...

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Charlynne Boddie and Tina Rains | From Kidnapping to Victorious: Charlynne Shares How to Live Victoriously and Change Our Mindsets


Charlynne Boddie: From Kidnapping to Victorious

Miss Boddie was raised by a single Christian mother and is no stranger to adversity or living in the miraculous.  Charlynne’s parents divorced in the late 1970s and moved to Colorado. The miracles seen and witnessed by her and her family in the years after her parent's divorce has created a strong faith in her that has taught her how to weather the storms of life and pass on that ability to others who find themselves facing hopeless situations.

Charlynne was groomed by her mother early to remember the power of the Word and the name Jesus. Growing up in a Christian home, entertainment was bible study. 

On one Hot summer day, at age 16, She gets kidnapped by a serial rapist and murderer. At this moment, she recalls her mom’s words to save her life. She remembers her mom saying, when you ask if they believe in Jesus Christ, they either bend their knees or flee. Charlynn kept asking the kidnapper and asked again with...

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Nesha Brown and Tina Rains | Overcoming Adversity to Follow Your Callings


Masterpiece Women welcomes Nesha Brown!

She was born to be an entrepreneur. At an early age, Nesha experienced the loss of both parents. The grief of the defeat led her to move to another state where an event took place that changed her life forever. This life-changing event has helped her pivot in her business because she is authentic with her community.

The adversity led her to use the last $300 in her account to invest in a Certified Credit Consultant. Nesha is a leader and the first in her family to start a business. She has educated many people through her platform to get their credit fixed and to help them open their businesses. Her company works with over 100 lenders and will discuss further how each lender falls into different categories.

There are three segments in her coaching model. The basic one is the Aspiring Entrepreneur which lasts 90 days, every Sunday for 8 hours. It teaches Formation, Budget organization, and Marketing.

Nesha has a big heart for working and...

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Dori Stewart and Tina Rains | How To Go From A Teacher To An Entrepreneur: Live a life of Prosperity


Masterpiece Women Welcomes Dori Stewart!

What is your passion? Dori found her passion and now uses it to teach others to grow their business idea.
As a former teacher, she taught Civil Engineering to high school students for 11 years. After having her own children and involving them as much as possible in her journey as a teacher, she looked into her children's elementary curriculum a bit deeper. She decided to take the Civil Engineering Course to the Elementary Level and it took off.

Ultimately this program was a success! It's in 165 locations, 35 countries, and a million students. After much research and no business background, her idea was franchised. She knew if she franchised the business idea it could impact more kids.

2 questions to ask yourself before you can Franchise the business:
Is my business successful and profitable?
Is this a business someone else can run and be successful without you?

She was confronted with complex pieces in her journey to expand her idea to the...

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Jessica Yarbrough and Tina Rains | Book High Ticket Clients


Masterpiece Women is excited to have Jessica Yarbrough!
Our guest Jessica Yarbrough has a background in Business and a wealth of advice for all of us. She built
her International Multi-Million Dollar Business from the ground up. She enjoys helping people step into owning their worth and understanding also how to market and position themselves to be experts in their category and make a huge impact.

As a business leader, she works with both Men and Women. Her focus now is on people who worked in the corporate world and want to launch their business. She works with Coaches, Consultants, some agency owners, and people who have the expertise and want to market individuals or organizations.

Jessica Discusses her practical advice to work on mindset change in order to bring high-end clients. She recommends we all get a coach because we are blind to our brilliance. This is more challenging for women than men. There are many ways to sell high-end. You must go after a bleeding problem and your...

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Mindset is Key to Success | Hosts: Alicia Cramer and Tina Rains


Alicia Cramer – Change your Mind – Change your Life

Recognized Internationally as a Business Mindset Expert

You can recondition your mind regardless of your age. Alicia grew up on a Dairy Farm in Central Wisconsin. Her parents worked 7 days a week. She did not have an empowering upbringing, she grew up in a home with anger, negativity, and alcohol. One thing that resonated with her was how her mom valued being her own boss.

Alicia at age 18 started a network marketing and failed then moved at age 20 to California and started an internet storefront. But realized she didn’t have the right mindset. She ended up filing bankruptcy, but the dream did not die.

Alicia experienced a very traumatic and painful event in her life that transformed her and led her to be who she is today. Through this transformational journey, she discovered that we humans have specific behaviors and patterns that need to change. There are 2 things she discusses regarding...

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Host: Tina Rains


Comfort Zone

If we settle for our Comfort Zone, it means all that we are today is all that we are ever going to be!
There are two Comfort Zone Foundations: Habit and Belief
• Habit actions that express themselves without any Conscious awareness
• Non-Adaptive
• IQ of 0- they do what they are programmed to do
• 80%-90% of our daily actions are habitual we don’t think about what we do!
• Stored in Subconscious mind-like habits
• Based upon our evaluation of things
• Self-Limiting belief- One that holds us back from moving in the direction that we want
• Results of a learning process-not necessarily a true reflection of reality
• Formed through repetition & Emotion – the more emotion the more powerful the belief
• The CREATOR of our reality – our adopted beliefs become true for us

Growth happens Outside the Comfort Zone. Growth comes with struggles, confusion, pain, and fear....

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