Danelle Meoli and Tina Rains | Self Care begins with Mind Set


Are you where you want to be personally and in business? In this podcast, Danelle Meoli, business leader and founder of a brand new health and wellness company, breaks down the importance of speaking life and being mindful of your words.

Danelle Meoli is a faith-filled, accomplished 8-figure Entrepreneur, Personal Development Mentor, passionate motivational speaker, and published author. She is the Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Awakend, a newly launched Direct Sales company that distributes outstanding wellness products with a focus on mindset training to accelerate achievement. She is an inductee into the 2020 GoPro Million Dollar Hall of Fame and 2021 NUL Million Dollar Circle. Danelle is devoted to helping people rewire their thought life so they can begin to win in life at levels they never thought possible. She has spoken all over the world on mastering one’s mindset to attract success in every area of one's life.

As a leader, She knew early in life she wanted to be in business for herself. She got married, had children, and owned businesses but developing herself as a human being has been the most intricate part of it. Due in part to her upbringing, she had a misguided mindset. When she began the journey of getting out of her old mindset and reaching a renewed mindset, her life changed forever.

She admits she was emotionally a mess through trauma and wounds that were never faced.

One day Danelle poured out her life to a woman that introduced her to her sister and is now Danelle’s mentor and taught her everything that changed Danelle’s life through scripture.

She explains how we need to align ourselves with the seed of greatness that was created in us from the beginning. When you start working on yourself things will get better. The last 15 years have been an incredible ride.

How did her improved mindset change the way Danelle took care of herself? Once Danelle pointed out her weaknesses, she learned to change her behavior by trying to be seen and heard. Self-care is loving yourself first. Declarations and words like I AM are so important. These declarations helped her with her depression and renewal her mindset.

Even now, She is still learning. Knowing we are all a work in progress.

Danelle expresses the importance to guard your eyes and ears every day. That is what ultimately shapes your belief system. Rewiring your mind to win in life is key. Waking up with joy and peace is a success.

Danelle is in the pre-launch stage of an incredible organization that has the patents on a fat loss accelerator. It has double patents, university blind studies and the average weight loss in 8 weeks is 21.3 pounds of fat loss. The focus of the movement is Health, Wealth, and Mindset. She will have mindset programs for both adults and children. She understands the value of children understanding their values at a young age. The product and organization are transforming lives naturally. This is one of many product lines that the company will be launching. Please contact Tina ([email protected]) for more information about Awakend. Her one piece of advice to women is to be Courageous! Be your biggest believer. Leave behind what does not serve you and don’t look back.


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