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Melinda Foster, or you may know her as Melinda Lee, is a former Home Shopping Network (HSN) on-air host and a commercial actor and has appeared in hundreds of national commercials. She is also a national speaker, author of Sexy Over Fifty, creator of Spoga and Simply Spoga – a collection of anti-aging workouts, and co-creator of FunLifeTwists – a non-Commercial site filled with ideas of how to add more lightness and fun to your life. 

Melinda is a self-proclaimed philanthropist and a business presentation expert. 

In this podcast, Melinda Lee talks about the 360-concept. So what does 360-degree feedback mean? In a workplace setting, a 360-degree feedback assessment is a method of evaluating an employee’s performance. It’s called 360 because it is coming from every direction around you whether it be friends, peers, subordinates, supervisors, managers, and colleagues. But being a masterpiece woman, a 360 isn’t just hearing feedback and knowing how others feel about you. Melinda shares that a masterpiece woman is a woman who takes personal responsibility for what is happening in her life, whether it’s in her business, her relationships, her family, her children, her husband, or with her employees. It is about owning both the good and the bad and accepting it with an open heart and an open mind. And then you start to look at how you can improve and be the best version of yourself. The 360 degrees concept helps you be aware of how people who surround you perceive you. And you’re going to hear positive feedback and also negative ones.

There will be people who will love everything about you, then there is these group who kind of likes you and what you are saying but then there are these people that no matter what you do and what you say they will always hate you, so who are you going to focus to? Melinda’s advice is to focus your energy on the people who love you and the people who want to give you a chance. Focus on what is working for us and expand it. This 360 degrees concept is one of the things you can do to become better which relates to the main topic “Putting your best YOU forward”.

Learn more as Melinda Lee shares more tips and talks more about how to put your best forward as a masterpiece woman.


Wishing you a fabulous year of blessings, persistence, and joy,

Tina Rains


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