Leaders and Marriages | Hosts: Ann Visser and Tina Rains


Leaders and Marriages: How to Make Sure Your Marriage Doesn't Fail While Your Business Succeeds

Ann Visser and her husband started a ministry 4better 4ever to help marriages and organizations survive the daily life challenges. As a great leader, Ann’s mission is to equip Christian women to communicate with confidence and create a closer connection in their relationships.

Ann encountered communication problems early in her marriage which led to an emotional distance. On a date night, she decided to have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband about her concerns regarding their relationship. They both recommitted and agreed to get counseling. The lessons learned during counseling were key communication skills and conflict resolution. After much work, they realized good communication is a skill everyone can learn. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn the healthy communication skills needed to build strong relationships.

As business leaders, they both felt the need to share...

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Philanthropy Matters


Welcome, Jen Klaassens! You can also listen to our podcast on Spotify, Google, and Apple.

Jen is an acknowledged “go-to” leader for the philanthropic sector in Broward County for 15+ years. In 2015, Jen founded Jen Klaassens Consulting and is the force behind Inspired Philanthropy™, a simple concept that strives to catapult philanthropic giving and make it more efficient. Jen specializes in helping private foundations, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals concentrate their efforts on strategic charitable giving. She coaches’ nonprofits to maximize their revenue to further their mission for the good of the community. Previously, she served for 7+ years as the Vice President of Programs for The Wasie Foundation, a private family foundation.

She is an advocate for many social causes and is committed to philanthropy on a personal level. Her infectious enthusiasm and tireless dedication led her to participate in the “2013 Freedom Climb” for...

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Put Your Best YOU Forward


Welcome, Melinda Foster! You can also listen to our podcast on Spotify, Google, and Apple.

Melinda Foster, or you may know her as Melinda Lee, is a former Home Shopping Network (HSN) on-air host and a commercial actor and has appeared in hundreds of national commercials. She is also a national speaker, author of Sexy Over Fifty, creator of Spoga and Simply Spoga – a collection of anti-aging workouts, and co-creator of FunLifeTwists – a non-Commercial site filled with ideas of how to add more lightness and fun to your life. 

Melinda is a self-proclaimed philanthropist and a business presentation expert. 

In this podcast, Melinda Lee talks about the 360-concept. So what does 360-degree feedback mean? In a workplace setting, a 360-degree feedback assessment is a method of evaluating an employee’s performance. It’s called 360 because it is coming from every direction around you whether it be friends, peers, subordinates,...

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Bloom Where You Are Planted


Welcome, Dr. Andrea Hazim! You can also listen to our podcast on Spotify, Google and Apple.

Dr. Andrea Hazim shares how after years of planning, training and education, God called her to stay home and homeschool her children. It was a difficult decision, but one that has been a great blessing. She used her time to raise her children and pour into other youth. She shares some incredible tools for personal growth and strategy to thrive where God plants you. 

She shares how important words are.  She uses special techniques to build up those she serves and keep her own mindset positive. We are God's masterpieces and He wants us to thrive! 

For over two decades, Dr. Andrea has been impacting the lives of others as an educator, author, and speaker. Passion and expertise are evident in her experiential training style and knack for facilitating self-introspection and change.

Andrea created the Elev8Life educational foundation as a vehicle to meet the urgent need for social...

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