The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapter 4


I encourage you to read chapter 4 before you start reading or watching. In chapter 4, God gives Moses signs to share. In verse 1 when Moses asks God “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, “The Lord did not appear to you?” Can you relate? What has God called you to do that you have been scared to do? What have you not felt equipped to do? 

How did God answer Moses’ fears? He gives him 3 miraculous signs he can use to show the people to display God’s miracles.

  1. He gives Moses the shaft that turns to a snake when Moses threw it on the ground.
  2. He tells Moses to put his hand inside his cloak. When he pulls it out, it is leprous. He then tells him to put it back again and miraculously, they are clear.
  3. He tells Moses if they do not believe the first two, he is to draw water from the Nile and pour it on the dry ground. It will become blood. 

Can you imagine? The people surely wouldn’t doubt him. This should have given Moses great confidence. Instead, how does Moses reply in verse 10? He tells God he has never been eloquent. He complains that he is slow of speech and tongue.  How did God respond? He responded in anger… He wasn’t happy. However, what does he do??? He assures him He will help him. Moses still asks God to send someone else. God could have simply given up on Moses due to his doubts and insecurities. Instead, He offers his brother Aaron to help him. Isn’t this so like our Father’s response to us? When we least deserve it, He never gives upon us. Instead, He gives us everything we need to do what He has called us to do, despite ourselves… Look at the multitude of excuses Moses gave to God.

Moses gave the Lord 5 big excuses:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Who are you?
  3. What if they don’t listen
  4. I am not a great speaker
  5. I know you have someone else you could ask.

What excuses are you giving God? I can think of a few. God has really convicted me about my writing of my book… I have used every excuse in the world… yet I know God wants me to get it done. What are you procrastinating on? What excuse are you giving God? Fear of failure? Self-doubt? Insecurity? Fear of what people might think of you? Self-image issues? Like Moses, God will meet you right where you are.

God sent Moses back to Egypt and prepares him for the journey. 4:21 He also warns him in advance Pharaoh will harden his heart… Pharaoh will not listen.  Like any great leader, we make our plans, however, we must expect glitches and adjust our plans accordingly.


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