The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 11 & 12


 What did God show you in Exodus 9 & 10?  In 10, we saw the plague of the darkness and we saw the pharaoh continue to harden his heart. His sin grew worse and worse. Moses left angry. In chapter 11, we see that Moses is highly regarded by the Egyptians and the Israelites alike.   We see him tell the pharaoh that at midnight the Lord will pass through the land and kill every firstborn son. This was significant in many ways.

  1. The Egyptians worshipped life. They gave great attention to the preparations of births and deaths.
  2. In the Egyptian culture, the firstborn sons were considered sacred.
  3. God calls Israel His firstborn. (Ex 4:22; Jer. 31;9; Hosea 11:1)
  4. At the beginning of the conflict, Moses had warned Pharaoh that the way he treated God’s firstborn would determine how God treated Egypt’s firstborn. (Ex. 4:22-23) Pharaoh had tried to kill the Jewish male babies and his soldiers had brutally mistreated the Jewish people. The Lord was repaying the pharaoh back. 

This is truly a great example of Galatians 6:7 which says God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. Egypt is about to reap what the pharaoh sewed. At the end of chapter 11, Moses leaves hot with anger! It didn’t have to be this way…. God told Moses Pharaoh wouldn’t listen even after they did all the miracles and the plagues. 

In chapter 12, the Lord gives Moses and Aaron very explicit instructions for the Passover and the festival of unleavened bread. He prepared them with all the details. Told them to be ready. He warned them to put the blood on the doorways as He would pass through that night and strike down every firstborn of both the people and animals. Again, He repeats “I am the Lord”. 

God told them how they could spare the lives of the Hebrew firstborn sons. Just like any great leader, communication is key. God communicates to us in so many ways. We must be prepared and listen closely.

I think it would be a shame if we didn’t recognize Moses as the 360-degree leader he was. We see the story of him leading his people out of Egypt and it is a very vivid illustration of it. He had the position, he grew up in the pharaoh’s palace, however, he gave it all up to become a shepherd in the wilderness for 40 years. He then returns back with no title or position and is tasked with convincing Pharaoh to release the entire population of slaves in Egypt. He also had to convince the Jewish people that he was worth following. He had zero experience or credibility with them. He had to depend on influencing through things other than position.

(John Maxwell Leadership Bible)

  1. His connection with God – The story and glory of the burning bush.
  2. His abilities and anointing – God confirmed his words with plagues and miracles.
  3. His sacrifice – He left his earlier position in order to fulfill a difficult calling.
  4. His wisdom - He knew what to do and where to go as he gave instructions.
  5. His humility – he was considered the most humble leader of his time.

As we lead others, it is imperative we pay attention to how we are leading others.

In verse 29, we see where God swept through at midnight and struck down all of the firstborns in Egypt. There was a great wailing. There was not a house in Egypt that did not have someone dead. Then pharaoh summons Moses and Aaron and orders them to leave just as the Lord had said. In verse 35, we see how the Israelites received articles of silver and gold from the Egyptians. In 37 they leave. There were approximately 600,000 men along with women, children, and livestock. After 430 years of living in Egypt, the Israelite people were leaving. The Lord kept his promise to bring His People out of the land of Egypt and he used a humble leader to do it. The Lord gave explicit instructions regarding the Passover and the people left Egypt like an army. 

Wow! Finally! They are on their way! I feel excited for them just reading this chapter. It is just like us when we are in bondage. Once we are delivered from the bondage, the freedom is so overwhelming. Unlike the Jews, we do not have to stay in captivity for 430 years. The Lord Jesus came so we could be free. We simply have to surrender it to the Lord. He is faithful to forgive and to complete the good work He has begun. 

Is there something the Lord is calling you to surrender today?

Lord, today, we choose to surrender all. Soften our hearts and minds to hear your voice. Deliver us from temptation and sin. Forgive us for __________________, ______________________, _________________  and reveal to us anything hidden in us that is not of you, that we might surrender it as well. We surrender our will and our hearts completely to you!  We love you, Lord! Thank you for your freedom and deliverance. Develop in us the character of humility. Let us serve others humbly and without pride. Let us be the 360-degree leader Moses was. Let us leave a legacy of humble, surrendered servants.


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