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Jen is an acknowledged “go-to” leader for the philanthropic sector in Broward County for 15+ years. In 2015, Jen founded Jen Klaassens Consulting and is the force behind Inspired Philanthropy™, a simple concept that strives to catapult philanthropic giving and make it more efficient. Jen specializes in helping private foundations, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals concentrate their efforts on strategic charitable giving. She coaches’ nonprofits to maximize their revenue to further their mission for the good of the community. Previously, she served for 7+ years as the Vice President of Programs for The Wasie Foundation, a private family foundation.

She is an advocate for many social causes and is committed to philanthropy on a personal level. Her infectious enthusiasm and tireless dedication led her to participate in the “2013 Freedom Climb” for Operation Mobilization, bringing much-needed awareness to Human Trafficking by climbing Mt. Everest in Nepal.

In recognition of Jen’s numerous community accomplishments, both Broward County and the City of Fort Lauderdale officially proclaimed April 14, 2010, as “Jen Klaassens Appreciation Day.”

In this podcast, Jen shares the importance of having authentic philanthropy, important business tips, and many more.


Wishing you a fabulous year of blessings, persistence, and joy,

Tina Rains

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