Do Not Be Afraid To Ask | Hosts: Lenore Nolan-Ryan and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women Welcomes Lenore Nolan-Ryan!

Celebrated chef, Lenore Nolan Ryan began her career at 19 with a brunch restaurant in Indianapolis. In the late ’70s, she moved to San Francisco, fell in love, duplicated her brunch, and enjoyed notoriety when she opened a neighborhood restaurant, catering company, wine bar, cooking school, and the retail market called, “Ryan’s”.

Returning home in 1999 to her native South Florida, Lenore conceived of and then opened her first Florida eatery, Gina Lenore's in an Italian pizzeria in Lauderdale by the Sea -- Lenore Nolan Ryan Catering & Cooking School, an inventive and inviting culinary destination in Lauderdale by the sea in 2000. 

In 2016, Lenore moved her business to the Galt Ocean Mile. As 2020 presented the challenge of a new normal, she conceived a signature “Meals to go program” and Zoom options: Themed destination dinners featuring original tapas, interactive happy hours...

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Outwit Fear | Host: Tina Rains


Are you ready to face your fears? Scan the code or click here to visit the link so you can sign up to get our free Outwit Fear workbook with a self-evaluation. 

In our last chapter of Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about six fears we must overcome. We're going to talk about the descriptions of each of these 6 fears. They are the cause of discouragement, timidity, procrastination, indifference, indecision, and the lack of ambition, self-reliance, initiative, self-control, and enthusiasm. 

I want you to search for yourself right now and think about any of these characteristics that you see in yourself. Take inventory and write it down. Be sure to scan the QR code to receive the workbook and self-evaluation tool. He calls these the 6th ghosts I would say these are six lies from the enemy. They have caused more damage to people in their own minds than many other physical issues in the world. The fear of poverty and scarcity seizes the minds of millions of...

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