Jessica Yarbrough and Tina Rains | Book High Ticket Clients


Masterpiece Women is excited to have Jessica Yarbrough!
Our guest Jessica Yarbrough has a background in Business and a wealth of advice for all of us. She built
her International Multi-Million Dollar Business from the ground up. She enjoys helping people step into owning their worth and understanding also how to market and position themselves to be experts in their category and make a huge impact.

As a business leader, she works with both Men and Women. Her focus now is on people who worked in the corporate world and want to launch their business. She works with Coaches, Consultants, some agency owners, and people who have the expertise and want to market individuals or organizations.

Jessica Discusses her practical advice to work on mindset change in order to bring high-end clients. She recommends we all get a coach because we are blind to our brilliance. This is more challenging for women than men. There are many ways to sell high-end. You must go after a bleeding problem and your...

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Host: Tina Rains


Comfort Zone

If we settle for our Comfort Zone, it means all that we are today is all that we are ever going to be!
There are two Comfort Zone Foundations: Habit and Belief
• Habit actions that express themselves without any Conscious awareness
• Non-Adaptive
• IQ of 0- they do what they are programmed to do
• 80%-90% of our daily actions are habitual we don’t think about what we do!
• Stored in Subconscious mind-like habits
• Based upon our evaluation of things
• Self-Limiting belief- One that holds us back from moving in the direction that we want
• Results of a learning process-not necessarily a true reflection of reality
• Formed through repetition & Emotion – the more emotion the more powerful the belief
• The CREATOR of our reality – our adopted beliefs become true for us

Growth happens Outside the Comfort Zone. Growth comes with struggles, confusion, pain, and fear....

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Outwit Fear | Host: Tina Rains


Are you ready to face your fears? Scan the code or click here to visit the link so you can sign up to get our free Outwit Fear workbook with a self-evaluation. 

In our last chapter of Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about six fears we must overcome. We're going to talk about the descriptions of each of these 6 fears. They are the cause of discouragement, timidity, procrastination, indifference, indecision, and the lack of ambition, self-reliance, initiative, self-control, and enthusiasm. 

I want you to search for yourself right now and think about any of these characteristics that you see in yourself. Take inventory and write it down. Be sure to scan the QR code to receive the workbook and self-evaluation tool. He calls these the 6th ghosts I would say these are six lies from the enemy. They have caused more damage to people in their own minds than many other physical issues in the world. The fear of poverty and scarcity seizes the minds of millions of...

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Emotional Intelligence is Key to Success and Leadership | Hosts: Regina Bryan and Tina Rains


Register for our membership today and take advantage of our free membership program for 30 days!

About Regina: 

As the daughter of a 30-year Navy Veteran, Regina learned early in life the value of adaptability, service, and connection.

During her 10-year career with Keller Williams Realty, Regina was best known for teaching personal growth and communication classes while wholehearted living out the KW values including creating a culture where no one wants to leave. As a result, she was twice awarded the prestigious office culture award and named a 2018 Southeast Region Culture Ambassador.

Her time at KW, shined a light on her love of people and speaking, it also unleashed her natural superpower of connecting. She took the inevitable next step and joined Toastmasters. In 2013, in front of four hundred people, Regina competed as one of six finalists in the International Speaking competition for the entire state of Georgia. From there, the call grew louder. In 2015, Regina became...

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Finding your idea online


You DO have a great idea for an online membership inside of you!  In today's masterclass, we are going to help you find a winning idea for your online business.

This training will help you identify your God-given talents and experiences, and choose an idea for your online membership business!

Key Points:

You can make money online doing things you love 

You can make money online based on things you know

You can make money online based on things you experience 



Masterpiece Women is a movement of women focused on Authentic Community, Personal / Professional Growth and Impacting the World for Good. Our Membership is focused on building leaders and business God's Way!

You are a Leader! Join us for our events and trainings. Build Business and Ministry God's...

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