How Does A Vertical Relationship and Inner Healing Affect Our Future | Hosts: Melia Diana and Tina Rains


About Melia Diana:
Melia’s entire career has been solely devoted to serving and helping others prosper. She has spent over 15 years in the medical fitness field, and is an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Christian Counselor, Certified Biblical Therapist, Faith-Based Clinical Counselor; specializing in inner healing deliverance, Award-Winning Writer, Relationship Dating Coach, Ministry Founder, and Christian Podcaster of “The Vertical Relationship Show”.

Melia’s extensive certifications and spiritual gifts led her to utilize her faith, expertise, experience, and personal development to brand her own- Signature (2in1) Biblical Christian Counseling, Coaching Services, and Academy Courses. Helping no-nonsense Christians ready to go “next level” with God and start healing “GOD’S WAY,” break barriers bondages for your wounded soul, and overall health, and cultivate thriving relationships you’ve always desired! Digging...

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The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 25-27

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2022

Hi ladies! Welcome back to our study in exodus. Today we will be looking at Exodus 25, 26, and 27. These three chapters as well as 28-31 are all about building the tabernacle. The Tabernacle function primarily as a residence or palace for God. In chapters 25 through 27 Start with the center and then move out to the courtyard. As you read through this, did you notice that he said some things over and over? One, they were to use acacia wood. He also instructed them over and over to use solid gold.  He instructed them to use the colors blue, purple, and scarlet. God always has a plan, whether it be building a Tabernacle, a temple, a church, a ministry, or our personal path and Christian life (Ephesians 2:10). These chapters reveal how specific He is. The detail that he went into in explaining exactly what he wanted the Tabernacle to be built reveals to us that he is paying attention to every single detail of our lives as well.


There were specific materials needed:...

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Real Estate in South Florida | Hosts: Amy Carpenter and Tina Rains


Real Estate in South Florida: Tips for Selling Your Home and Building Business

Amy Carpenter is not just an expert in real estate, a professional interior designer but she is also a philanthropist. She always had that passion to give back to the community. For her, it is more important to give than to receive and more than the giving and receiving what she feels inside in giving back to the community. 

The best advice Amy Carpenter received in business and life, in general, is to always “listen to your customers and hear what they are saying.”  It is easy to sell to people if we listen to them and sell them what they want. Other than putting our ideas, it is also valuable to ask what our customer’s feedback and their opinions are because at the end of the day those people are the one who consumes our product and pays for it. 

Amy Carpenter’s biggest mistake she made in business is she wasn’t fast enough to get herself out there. She was...

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The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 21-24

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2022

Exodus 21- 24

Today we are in Exodus 21 through 24. We're talking about the Book of the Covenant. This section of Exodus is dealing with basic laws. Primarily these laws deal with the protection of human life and property. These laws were based on the character of God and principles expressed in the 10 commandments. The people were asked to obey God and obligate themselves to Him.

The Book of the Covenant actually starts an Exodus 20 verses 22 to 26. In the John Maxwell Leadership Bible, they highlight the “Law of the Picture”. God establishes a clear example. His people were given the instructions and explicit consequences as well. A clear picture was laid out by God. He laid out severe consequences. People have to understand the whole picture and the consequences. Often times humans actually need a visible demonstration.

We see explicit laws and consequences in these books. 

In the laws, He addressed:

  1. servants
  2. capital crimes
  3. children and parents
  4. kidnapping 
  5. ...
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Finding your idea online


You DO have a great idea for an online membership inside of you!  In today's masterclass, we are going to help you find a winning idea for your online business.

This training will help you identify your God-given talents and experiences, and choose an idea for your online membership business!

Key Points:

You can make money online doing things you love 

You can make money online based on things you know

You can make money online based on things you experience 



Masterpiece Women is a movement of women focused on Authentic Community, Personal / Professional Growth and Impacting the World for Good. Our Membership is focused on building leaders and business God's Way!

You are a Leader! Join us for our events and trainings. Build Business and Ministry God's...

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The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 19 & 20


In Exodus 19, the Jews have arrived at Mount Sinai. The promise given in  Exodus 3:12 had been fulfilled. Moses had asked the pharaoh at least eight times to let the people go into the wilderness where they could worship the Lord. Pharaoh had refused. Now the Jews are at Mount Sinai where they will meet their God. God spoke to his people and called them to a very special place. He was calling them to live a life of:

  1. Maturity- as we mature, we see more and more opportunities for responsible freedom.
  2. Dignity- The Jews were a chosen people
  3. Sanctity – God instructed them to change their clothes, to not go on the mountain and He spoke to them directly
  4. Responsibility- God called them to take responsibility for their actions and gave them guidelines on how to.

In Exodus 19:3-13, we see the law of connection played out. If you notice before God spoke His laws to the people in Exodus 20 he reminded them of three vital truths.

  1. The love he had for them
  2. The victories he'd won...
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Passion, Purpose, and Calling Collide | Hosts: Kimberly Hobbs and Tina Rains


Masterpiece Women welcomes Kimberly Hobbs!   

Kimberly Hobbs is passionate about encouraging and empowering women to follow after Jesus and that’s how her ministry “Women World leaders” started. It started as a bible study of a small group of women with 13 members and God blessed it and grew and grew.

Kimberly shared her defining moment when God showed her the verse Ephesians 3:20 which made her write a book and start a ministry and a business simultaneously together. She says that if you are a believer you have that power that works within you allowing you to do exceedingly, abundantly, and more than anything we can imagine and that is what God does for us. It’s amazing how we have that one idea and then God makes it a whole complete package.   

“Have Integrity”, is the best advice Kimberly Hobbs received. Not only in her ministry and her daily walk with Jesus but also in carrying a business. Because people outside...

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The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 17 & 18



Hi, ladies! We are reading Exodus chapters 17-18 today. There are some very valuable lessons on leadership in these books. We see in chapter 17 how God teaches his people to trust him more. In chapter 17 especially Exodus 17 verses 1-7 we see that they moved toward Mount Sinai and they're still being led by the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. God is building their faith and their character. When we think about God permitting difficulties, we understand that they become either a test or a temptation that can make us worse, and it's our own attitude that determines which it will be. I love reading the John Maxwell Leadership Bible. Chapter 17 shows the rod of God and talks about how God's people received an important lesson on authority when they learned to trust God for their provision. Time and time again the Lord provided for their needs. He led them and he protected them. Moses learned to depend on God as the ultimate authority. One of the keys to...

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The Study of Exodus with Tina Rains - Chapters 15 & 16



In chapter 15 vs 1-21, we see the Israelites praising God. I love how Miriam also formed a special choir of Jewish women who participated. We see it in 1 Samuel 18:6 and 2 Samuel 1:20. She is called the Prophetess. She had the courage to stand up to Moses and criticize him (Numbers 12:1-2). I love the courage of the women of the bible. 

Up until this point, we did read that they were praising God, did we? They complained, they doubted, and finally, we see them praise the Lord. It takes maturity to praise God even in the difficult times in life. The Israelites were immature in their walk.

Let’s look at the 4 stanzas of their praise song:

  1. God’s victory is announced/ He is a warrior  (vs 1-5)
  2. God’s weapons were described (vs 6-10)
  3. God’s character is extolled- His unfailing love and might (vs 11-16)
  4. God’s promises are fulfilled. (vs 16b-18)

It was not an easy life and God had to guide them and provide for them on a daily basis. The...

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Surrender=Success | Hosts: Beth Vasquez and Tina Rains


Surrender=Success: A Christian Mompreneur Online Business Success Story

Beth is a wife, "boy mom" of 3 (2 birthed and 1 bonus - ages 17, 4, and almost 2), and a Christian entrepreneur learning to balance it all imperfectly with the grace of God.

Founder of Recess & Results, Beth is passionate about faith, family, and fitness (in that order) and works to "save the world, one recess at a time" offering a worshiping workplace for others who also feel called to impact the minds, bodies, and spirits of children and families through entertaining exercise.   

Beth has coached thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, pushing them to step out of their comfort zone - choose FAITH over Fear, embrace their God-given gifts and achieve God-sized dreams. Prior to Recess & Results, Beth worked on the corporate side of the Network Marketing and fitness industries.

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